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(KITopen-DOI) 10.5445/IR/1000133331
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Ahrens, Mischa [Ahrens, Mischa]
Simulation Results for the Evaluation of Strategies for an Adaptive Grid Control System Using Smart Buildings
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(Technical Remarks) %%%%% How to interpret the simulation results %%%%%: %%% Main folder naming %%%: "village-future": The simulation scenario (grid and building configuration) "hhOpt": Buildings (households) can optimize their internal energy flows "ONT/RONT": Normal distribution transformer/voltage regulated distribution transformer (VRDT) "QEMS": Quarter energy management system, means that at least one grid control strategy is used "P/Q/PQ/noPQ/noControl": P=active power targets can be used, Q=reactive power control can be used, noPQ=only VRDT can be used, noControl=no grid control at all "full/local-only": Centralized/decentralized grid control strategy "GSUI-60": Grid simulation update interval=60 seconds "d_1970_6_30_0": Start of simulated time is 30 June 1970 00:00 AM %%% Subfolder naming %%%: "s_13749851": Random seed configuration "run_2021-05-25-16-38-29": Starting time of simulation run %%% Subsubfolder naming %%%: "nodeX": Folder for a particular building, numbered according to the grid node, where each building is connected %%% Log files for the entire grid %%%: In general: currentTick is given in Unix time activePowerLog: Active power progressions at all grid nodes in Watt reactivePowerLog: Reactive power progressions at all grid nodes in Var buildingsAggregatedLog: Various power progressions aggregated for all buildings in the grid in Watt currentLog: Current progressions for all lines in the grid in Ampere gridSimulationAggregated: Various grid characteristics aggregated over the entire simulation run, voltages and line utilizations are normalized to nominal values mediumVoltageAggregated: Aggregated characteristics of the voltage at the primary side of the transformer in pu mediumVoltageLog: Progression of the voltage at the primary side of the transformer in pu transformerAggregatedLog: Aggregated characteristics of the transformer, temperatures are given in °C, remaining values have to unit transformerStepLog:Progression of VRDT steps, remains 0 if no VRDT is used, no unit transformerTemperatureLog: Progression of various transformer characteristics, temperatures are given in °C, remaining values have to unit voltageLog: Progressions of voltages at all nodes in the grid in pu %%% Log files for specific buildings %%%: DISHWASHER/DRYER/ELECTRICSTOVE/INDUCTIONCOOKTOP/WASHINGMACHINE: TOTAL=number of planned appliance runs, AVGTOTAL=number of expected appliance runs based on probality distributions, REALTOTAL=number of realized appliance runs, TOTAL0/TOTAL1=number of realized appliance runs for different running profiles batteryLog: Progressions of battery energy storage system active charge/discharge power in Watt, reactive charge/discharge power in Var and state of charge in Watt*second, positive values denote charging, negative values discharging electricVehicleLog: Progressions of electric vehicle active charge power in Watt, reactive charge power in Var powerLog: Progressions of various building powers in Watt, prices and costs in Euro-cent simResultsAggregated: Various aggregated energy amounts in kWh and costs in Euro-cent
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Ahrens, Mischa
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