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(KITopen-DOI) 10.5445/IR/1000122890
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Becher, Johannes [Becher, Johannes]

Ferreira Sanchez, Dario [Ferreira Sanchez, Dario]

Doronkin, Dmitry [Doronkin, Dmitry]

Zengel, Deniz [Zengel, Deniz]

Motta Meira, Debora Pascarelli, Sakura [Motta Meira, Debora Pascarelli, Sakura]

Grunwaldt, Jan-Dierk [Grunwaldt, Jan-Dierk]

Sheppard, Thomas [Sheppard, Thomas]
Full-Field XANES tomography data of a Cu-SSZ-13 washcoated monolith: SCR @ 300°C dataset
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(Abstract) Die Daten wurden an der microXAS-Beamline an der Swiss Light Source (SLS, Villigen, Schweiz) im Juni 2019 aufgezeichnet. Gegenstand des Experiments war ein Zeolith-Katalysator auf Kupferbasis, der als beschichteter Monolith hergestellt wurde. Eine detaillierte Beschreibung der Daten ist in der Readme-Datei dieses Datensatzes und in der entsprechenden Publikation zu finden.
(Abstract) The data was recorded at the microXAS beamline at the Swiss Light Source (SLS, Villigen, Switzerland) in June 2019. Subject of the experiment was a copper-based zeolite catalyst prepared as a washcoated monolith. A detailed description about the data can be found in the readme of this data set and in the corresponding publication.
(Technical Remarks) The measurement mode was full-field and the data available here contains the recorded 2D projections, consisting of absorption contrast images. The data is saved in TIFF files each corresponding to one specific energy point and rotation angle. For a description of exact energy points and rotational angles used, see the corresponding publication. This dataset is measured under SCR conditions (1000 ppm NO, 1000 ppm NH3, 7.8% O2 in He as balance gas, flow rate 50 ml/min) at 300°C.
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Becher, Johannes

Ferreira Sanchez, Dario

Zengel, Deniz

Motta Meira, Debora Pascarelli, Sakura

Sheppard, Thomas
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