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(KITopen-DOI) 10.5445/IR/1000119920
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Le Tacon, Matthieu [Le Tacon, Matthieu]
Sen, Kaushik [Sen, Kaushik]
Strange metal dynamics in SrIrO3
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(Abstract) The interplay of electronic correlations, multi-orbital excitations, and strong spin-orbit coupling is a fertile ground for new states of matter in quantum materials. Here, we report on a confocal Raman scattering study of momentum-resolved charge dynamics from a thin film of semimetallic perovskite $\mathbf{SrIrO_3}$. We demonstrate that the charge dynamics, characterized by a broad continuum, is well described in terms of the marginal Fermi liquid phenomenology. In addition, over a wide temperature regime, the inverse scattering time is for all momenta close to the Planckian limit $\mathbf{\tau^{-1}_{\hbar}=k_{\rm B} T/\hbar}$. Thus, $\mathbf{SrIrO_3}$ is a semimetallic multi-band system that is as correlated as, for example, the cuprate superconductors. The usual challenge to resolve the charge dynamics in multi-band systems with very different mobilities is circumvented by taking advantage of the momentum space selectivity of polarized electronic Raman scattering. The Raman responses of both hole- and electron-pockets display an electronic continuum extending far beyond 1000\icm ($\sim$125 meV), much larger than allowed by the phase space for creating particle-hole pairs in a regular Fermi liquid. Analyzing this response in the framework of a memory function formalism, we are able to extract the frequency dependent scattering rate and mass enhancement factor of both types of charge carriers, which in turn allows us to determine the carrier-dependent mobilities and electrical resistivities. The results are well consistent with transport measurement and demonstrate the potential of this approach to investigate the charge dynamics in multi-band systems.
(Technical Remarks) Excel file containing all the data of the manuscript (Fig. 2 to 5)
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Le Tacon, Matthieu
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