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Weber, Frank [Institut für Quantenmaterialien und -technologien]

Shen, Xingchen [Institut für Quantenmaterialien und -technologien]

Heid, Rolf [Institut für Quantenmaterialien und -technologien]

Hott, Roland [Institut für Quantenmaterialien und -technologien]

Haghighirad, Amir-Abbas [Institut für Quantenmaterialien und -technologien]

Salzmann, Björn [Salzmann, Björn]

Cantarino, Marli dos Reis [Cantarino, Marli dos Reis]

Monney, Claude [Monney, Claude]

Said, Ayman H. [Said, Ayman H.]

Frachet, Mehdi [Institut für Quantenmaterialien und -technologien]

Murphy, Bridget [Murphy, Bridget]

Rossnagel, Kai [Rossnagel, Kai]

Rosenkranz, Stephan [Rosenkranz, Stephan]
Precursor region with full phonon softening above the charge-density-wave phase transition in 2H-TaSe$_2$
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(Abstract) Research on charge-density-wave (CDW) ordered transition-metal dichalcogenides continues to unravel new states of quantum matter correlated to the intertwined lattice and electronic degrees of freedom. Here, we report an inelastic x-ray scattering investigation of the lattice dynamics of the canonical CDW compound 2H-TaSe2 complemented by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and density functional perturbation theory. Our results rule out the formation of a central-peak without full phonon softening for the CDW transition in 2H-TaSe2 and provide evidence for a novel precursor region above the CDW transition temperature TCDW, which is characterized by an overdamped phonon mode and not detectable in our photoemission experiments. Thus, 2H-TaSe2 exhibits structural before electronic static order and emphasizes the important lattice contribution to CDW transitions. Our ab-initio calculations explain the interplay of electron-phonon coupling and Fermi surface topology triggering the CDW phase transition and predict that the CDW soft phonon mode promotes emergent superconductivity near the pressure-driven CDW quantum critical point.
(Technical Remarks) data are stored in an project of origin lab format
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Weber, Frank

Shen, Xingchen

Heid, Rolf

Hott, Roland

Haghighirad, Amir-Abbas

Salzmann, Björn

Cantarino, Marli dos Reis

Monney, Claude

Said, Ayman H.

Frachet, Mehdi

Murphy, Bridget

Rossnagel, Kai

Rosenkranz, Stephan
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