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Kuder, Niklas Daniel [Karlsruher Institut für Technologie]

Weber, Thomas [Institut für Informationssicherheit und Verlässlichkeit]
Interview Results, Production Workflows, Inconsistencies in Production Workflows
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(Abstract) Results of inconsistency investigation with Daedalus GmbH.
(Technical Remarks) # General Because the interviews were conducted with a German precision contract manufacturer, namely Daedalus GmbH from Karlsruhe, the interviews and interview results are in German. As this is our replication package, we decided to keep the raw data and thus the German artifacts. # Structure The reproduction material is structured in folders. ## workflows The workflows found in the contract manufacturing process at Daedalus GmbH, assessed with prior interviews. - big_picture_workflow: overview over the main process, referencing the other workflows as well as production and external services including manufacturing and quality assurance - quoting_workflow: overview over sales and quoting with quote creation and pricing - production_planning_workflow: overview over the production planning with production paths and lots, as well as needs and procurement - programming_workflow: overview over the programming workflow ## pre-study The pre-study we conducted to assess the quality of our interview questionnaires. ## interviews The interviews conducted. ## inconsistencies The inconsistencies found during the interviews, modeled with BPMN 2.0 and our proposed modeling method, escalation events. ## system usability scale The system usability scale we used to assess the usability of our modeling approach.
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Computer Science
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Kuder, Niklas Daniel
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