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(KITopen-DOI) 10.5445/IR/1000140477
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Weber, Frank [Weber, Frank]
Kurzhals, Philipp [Kurzhals, Philipp]

Kremer. Geoffroy [Kremer. Geoffroy]

Jaouen, Thomas [Jaouen, Thomas]

Nicholson, Christopher W. [Nicholson, Christopher W.]

Heid, Rolf [Heid, Rolf]

Nagel, Peter [Nagel, Peter]

Castellan, John-Paul [Castellan, John-Paul]

Ivanov, Alexandre [Ivanov, Alexandre]

Muntwiler, Matthias [Muntwiler, Matthias]

Rumo, Maxime [Rumo, Maxime]

Salzmann, Bjoern [Salzmann, Bjoern]

Strocov, Vladimir N. [Strocov, Vladimir N.]

Reznik, Dmitry [Reznik, Dmitry]

Monney, Claude [Monney, Claude]
Electron-momentum dependence of electron-phonon coupling underlies dramatic phonon renormalization in YNi2B2C
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(Abstract) Electron-phonon coupling, i.e., the scattering of lattice vibrations by electrons and vice versa, is ubiquitous in solids and can lead to emergent ground states such as superconductivity and charge-density wave order. A broad spectral phonon line shape is often interpreted as a marker of strong electron-phonon coupling associated with Fermi surface nesting, i.e., parallel sections of the Fermi surface connected by the phonon momentum. Alternatively broad phonons are known to arise from strong atomic lattice anharmonicity. Here, we show that strong phonon broadening can occur in the absence of both Fermi surface nesting and lattice anharmonicity, if electron-phonon coupling is strongly enhanced for specific values of electron-momentum, k. We use inelastic neutron scattering, soft x-ray angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy measurements and ab-initio lattice dynamical and electronic band structure calculations to demonstrate this scenario in the highly anisotropic tetragonal electron-phonon superconductor YNi$_2$B$_2$C. This new scenario likely applies to a wide range of compounds.
(Technical Remarks) Data are stored with Matlab codes producing the figures in the manuscript. In other cases, data are stored in the format of the origin lab software. Labels and comments are given in the header of the origin worksheets.
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Weber, Frank
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