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(KITopen-DOI) 10.5445/IR/1000158327
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Scharun, Christian [Atmosphärische Spurenstoffe und Fernerkundung]
Ruhnke, Roland [Atmosphärische Spurenstoffe und Fernerkundung]

Braesicke, Peter [Atmosphärische Spurenstoffe und Fernerkundung]
RICHARD 1.0 - Routine for the Isolation of Chemical Hotspots in Atmospheric Research Data
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(Abstract) Here, we introduce version 1.0 of the RICHARD algorithm, a Routine for the Isolation of Chemical Hotspots in Atmospheric Research Data, e.g. in satellite measurement datasets (level-2 and above) or atmospheric chemistry model output. The overall goal of the algorithm is to identify "hotspot" areas in which local enhancements of an atmospheric constituent can only occur due to strong local emissions. To detect hotspot areas, we use a mathematical method that combines spatiotemporal proxy data for calibration purposes and a selection algorithm in a novel way.
(Technical Remarks) The routines and require a Python 3.x installation, as well as the modules imported in the scripts. It should be noted that the module global_land_mask must be installed separately, since it is not included by default as a package in python. The programs are started via the command line. The necessary and alternative arguments for starting and are explained either in the scripts themselves or in the associated paper. Die Routinen und benötigen eine Python 3.x installation, sowie die in den Skripten importierten Module. Hierbei ist zu beachten, dass insbesondere das Modul global_land_mask separat installiert werden muss, da es nicht standardmäßig als Paket in python beinhaltet ist. Gestartet wird werden die Programme über die Kommandozeile. Die notwendigen und alternativen Argumente für den Start von und RICHARD_threshold.p sind entweder in den Skripten selbst oder im zugehörigen Paper erläutert.
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Geological Science
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